Below are some of the common ?'s we get about how to utilize the Marketing Team.

How do I make a marketing request?

  • Go to www.ovmx.ovmfinancial.com  – (password is DeepRoots!@#)

  • Click “Make a Request”

  • Fill out the form, paying special attention to complete any field with an *, as this information is necessary and the system will not let you submit the request without it.

  • If you need to upload a document for the request, you can do so by clicking on “Doc Share/Upload”

Who is my Project Manager?

  • All of our Project Manager assignments are done by Loan Officer. If you are a Realtor or Builder working with OVM please search for your PM by using your Loan Officers Name.
  • Go to http://ovmx.ovmfinancial.com/marketing-support/ and click on the tab “Project Manager Search”

What is the standard process for marketing requests?

  • Once you have successfully submitted your request, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that it has automatically been received into our system.

  • Your Loan Officer’s dedicated Marketing Project Manager will review the request for accuracy and to ensure all information needed was received to facilitate the request and assign the task to the appropriate staff member or designer.

  • If your request generates a proof (such as any print or digital marketing materials), then your Marketing PM will email the digital file version to the address provided on the request form for proofing/review. PLEASE CAREFULLY REVIEW ALL PROOFS FOR ACCURACY.

  • If changes or revisions need to be made, you can reply and email those changes directly to your Marketing PM or log back onto www.ovmx.ovmfinancial.com and click “Marketing Support”.

  • When the proof is approved, please let us know by either replying to the email or log back onto www.ovmx.ovmfinancial.com and click “Marketing Support.”

  • If there are next steps for our department to complete once the proof is approved (such as in-house printing, external/third-party printing, sending out to a database, or other vendor, etc.), please specify this in the initial request and confirm this in your final approval email.

What are your hours of operation?

  • We operate Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm EST – any requests submitted outside of these hours will be processed and reviewed the following business day.

What are standard turn-around times?

  • Typically, for most standard requests (flyers, postcards, email blasts, etc.) we can get a first proof completed within 48 business hours. However, variables such as request volume, staff availability, and the request type can all have an impact on our turn-around times. *Unless otherwise indicated by your Marketing Project Manager, almost all tasks can be completed within 5 business days.

Is there a cost to your marketing services?

  • No.  Partnering or co-branding with an OVM Financial Loan Officer means that you become one of our preferred builders, Agents, or Realtors, giving you access to the free services of our Marketing Department.


Are your services RESPA compliant?

  • Yes. Per RESPA laws, OVM Financial and its Loan Officers can pay up to 50% for any hard-costs or external receipts generated by co-branded marketing (events, digital/print marketing, etc.).

  • Any hourly cost for the consulting/design/creative/revisions of co-branded marketing (such as postcards, etc.) by our Marketing Department is absorbed by OVM Financial.

  • nly up to 50% of any external vendor costs can be covered by OVM (such as up to 50% of the cost to mail, and up to 50% of the cost of printing the postcards, etc.).

Rules and quantity restrictions for in-house printing?

  • Using standard or card-stock paper (up to 8.5×11”) we can provide and print up to 25 full-color or 30 black and white copies of any co-branded materials for free and are available for pickup at our Greenbrier office location.

  • You will always get a digital copy of the marketing item, so you also have the option to print yourself. If you are unable to print, but need more than 25/30 copies, OVM can pay up to 50% of the cost of printing co-branded materials from a print vendor.

Do I have to co-brand my marketing materials with OVM?

  • Our team provides free marketing consultations and branding design services (such as logos, business cards, and stationary) for the Agents, Builders, and Realtors that are willing to participate in co-branded marketing materials with our Loan Officers when possible (such as flyers, postcards, events, etc.). Please contact our marketing department for more information.

Do you provide managed or on-going services?

  • To stay within compliance, the Marketing Department is not allowed to take on any managed services for agents. Examples of managed services would be logging into agent dashboards or logging into/managing social media accounts for our partners.

  • Only individual requests (such as social media graphics or content)for Cobranded “joint marketing” can be facilitated by our marketing team. Please contact the Marketing Department for more information.

What information and disclaimers are required by compliance ?

Anytime a loan officer’s name is printed on an advertisement it must include all of the following:

  • Job Title- Licensed Mortgage Originator

  • NMLS #

  • MLO #

If a Loan officer is on an advertisement then our company logo must be on the advertisement as well.

General company logos/names on advertisement must include all of the following:

  • New Approved Logo

  • Company Identifying #s

  • Corporate HQ Branch ID

  • State License #s

  • Company website url clearly displayed

  • Consumer MLS website in parenthesis

  • Equal Housing logoWe cannot offer any incentive to clients that directly relates to a referral/lead/loan closing…no visa cards, no free vacations, etc.

Try to avoid specifics like payments, rates, down payment amounts/ltvs/ etc., as they require a ton of other disclaimers. Contact the Marketing Department for disclaimer information.

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